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Sophia Silvatar by NoraRyuu Sophia Silvatar :iconnoraryuu:NoraRyuu 6 0 Ellie, Kota and Styx! by NoraRyuu Ellie, Kota and Styx! :iconnoraryuu:NoraRyuu 4 0 Kita by NoraRyuu Kita :iconnoraryuu:NoraRyuu 3 3 Taiga by NoraRyuu Taiga :iconnoraryuu:NoraRyuu 6 18 Ryukotsusei the Dragon by NoraRyuu Ryukotsusei the Dragon :iconnoraryuu:NoraRyuu 5 0 CLOSED by NoraRyuu CLOSED :iconnoraryuu:NoraRyuu 3 48 Cerberus by NoraRyuu Cerberus :iconnoraryuu:NoraRyuu 6 0 Niloticus Crocodylus by NoraRyuu Niloticus Crocodylus :iconnoraryuu:NoraRyuu 9 9 Fenris the Protector by NoraRyuu Fenris the Protector :iconnoraryuu:NoraRyuu 6 2 Massive kintaur sale by NoraRyuu Massive kintaur sale :iconnoraryuu:NoraRyuu 7 45 Pharoh Aka Manah by NoraRyuu Pharoh Aka Manah :iconnoraryuu:NoraRyuu 3 0 Leaking acid by NoraRyuu Leaking acid :iconnoraryuu:NoraRyuu 1 3 Elvira Cobra by NoraRyuu Elvira Cobra :iconnoraryuu:NoraRyuu 7 15 Crona by NoraRyuu Crona :iconnoraryuu:NoraRyuu 8 0 New Horse :3 by NoraRyuu New Horse :3 :iconnoraryuu:NoraRyuu 1 2 $55 kintaurs! by NoraRyuu $55 kintaurs! :iconnoraryuu:NoraRyuu 5 22


Summer Commissions DAY 8 by Yechii Summer Commissions DAY 8 :iconyechii:Yechii 97 61 Kintaur Breeding - K210 x K435 by Polaris-Rose Kintaur Breeding - K210 x K435 :iconpolaris-rose:Polaris-Rose 13 11 Km084 by KintaurSpirit Km084 :iconkintaurspirit:KintaurSpirit 4 16 Charity Coadle Auction (CLOSED) by MahoHaku Charity Coadle Auction (CLOSED) :iconmahohaku:MahoHaku 88 35 S011 by KintaurSpirit S011 :iconkintaurspirit:KintaurSpirit 7 4 Monster Shark Custom by TalonEX Monster Shark Custom :icontalonex:TalonEX 105 14 K435 by KintaurSpirit K435 :iconkintaurspirit:KintaurSpirit 8 4 K378 by KintaurSpirit K378 :iconkintaurspirit:KintaurSpirit 11 9 K079 by KintaurSpirit K079 :iconkintaurspirit:KintaurSpirit 15 6
Facebook page posting art
Hey there... I just found a Facebook page posting artwork from artists. They usually give credit but just figured I'd point it out in case you are an artist or own characters that are posted. It is called "A World of Wolves" ... I'd post a link but my computer is being a butt right now.
Some artists include:
:iconkayfedewa: :icongrypwolf: :iconkawiku: :iconakreon: :iconkatiehofgard: :iconwhiluna: :iconsnow-body: :iconxkoday:
I asked them to take down some art of Amaranth and they were very nice about it so it shouldn't be an issue if you don't want your art on there. If you don't mind, that is fine too. I just have had bad experiences with my characters being stolen (and even adopted out without my permission) so I always get paranoid when I see them posted anywhere (especially social media) by not the original artist.
:iconamaranth18:Amaranth18 1 4
Faith by crocwithknife Faith :iconcrocwithknife:crocwithknife 21 4 Dragon Soul Custom by TalonEX Dragon Soul Custom :icontalonex:TalonEX 116 28
Trading Coadle, LF SWAPS/CS/One offs
EDIT: Forgot to mention, but I'm mainly looking for other MahoHaku designed coadles <3
OK so this guy I've had for a while and I love em to bits, but the design doesn't work for me, and they don't really fit into my story ;;
I love Black Widows so this guy will be super tentative


I love most coadle designs but i will be slightly picky <3
I may not trade at all so please keep that in mind!
:icondragonminer101:DragonMiner101 2 29
Nile Crocodile - CLOSED by TalonEX Nile Crocodile - CLOSED :icontalonex:TalonEX 160 67 Sn002 by KintaurSpirit Sn002 :iconkintaurspirit:KintaurSpirit 10 3 Howl at the moon by TalonEX Howl at the moon :icontalonex:TalonEX 63 18



Sophia Silvatar
AHHHH GORGEOUS RIGHT HERE. All common but absolutely stunning! <3
Kinda using her in my pathfinder campaign so stats like age will be different

Name: Sophia Silvatar
Age: 107
Gender: Female
Rarity: Common
Height: 7 foot 3"
Breedings: 7/8
1. used
2-8 mine
Personality: TBA
Bio: TBA

art/design by Rexodus 
Species by Talon and Kan
Belongs to me ^^
Niloticus Crocodylus
Will update him later when I'm home ^^

Name: Niloticus Crocodylus (Loticus)
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Height: 8 foot 4"
Rarity: Legendary Nile crocodile. Sand tip tail and Sand powers
Breedings: 8/8??
Personality: Sly, cunning, quiet mostly. Loticus doesn't speak much, but when he does he has a voice you could listen to all day. Some, once they get past his appearance, stare blankly in awe.
Bio: Growing up was hard, specially in Egypt. Not only was his appearance different from his siblings, his parents were afraid of him and wanted the gods to take him or his blessings away. He never made many friends until he was older and full of hatred. He ended up killing his siblings and parents with his earth powers and found much joy in their deaths. He never gets close to anyone, in fact the two closest "Friends" he has are Ryokotsusei and Pharoh, but he mainly uses them in his heists. He loves wearing gold and says he would love Fertilla's coat one day. Pharoh he met when he noticed a kin...with wings! He followed him as fast as possible and when he landed, he used the sand to keep Pharoh binded. Weird way to make friends yes but it worked. Pharoh thought him funny and as they grew to know each other, Pharoh offered to fly Loticus places since he was smaller and could use the sand as a harness to hold on. Loticus has been nearly everywhere now, but his favorite past time is using Ryoko's Dragon form to his advantage and stealing all he can get. What he does with the stolen goods is currently unknown.

Art/design by TalonEX 
Belongs to me!
Ryukotsusei the Dragon
Illegal Mortal dragon. I got him back :D though he is labelled dragon, he cannot pass dragon offspring! He lost that part of him. He is a Mortal dragon <3 

Name: Ryukotsusei
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Height: 11 foot 8"
Rarity: Illegal beast, Mortal Dragon (Trait NOT passable)
Breeding: 8/8
1-2 Clara-Erassari 
3. Unknown
4-8 mine
Personality: Lazy, stubborn, "high and mighty," Doesn't really like messing with "lower" kintaurs despite his own downgrade.
Bio: Once a fierce, high flying dragon, Ryuko terrorized the land for the loss of his dragon mate. She was, at the time, the last female dragon kin of their kind. He burned down every village in his way as he went on a rampage. Until he reached the kings castle where a witch cursed him, taking away all of his power, reducing him to a mortal. The witch was kind however...she could feel his pain, she knew the reason behind his rampage and therefore put a small amount of his power into one of his scales. When he woke, he became furious at his new form but even more so when the witch told him about his power in the scale. That it would take time before he could use it and even more so to master his transformations. He was highly upset that not only had he lost his mate, but now the potential for his offspring entirely was taken. His mighty bloodline will a mortal. Only he has a taste of his former self left.

Bezerk mode: TBA

Art/design/species by TalonEX!
Belongs to me
Ellie, Kota and Styx!
Annnnnd mine and RagnarsWrath's breeding is done!
Far left and middle babes are mine, though one might be going to poisonshade! Shark babe is Ragnar's!

Ellie is the far left one and her brother Kota is the middle!
More info on them soon!

Designs by Polaris-Rose 
Species by Talon
Belong to me and Ragnar!
Name might change X3
Snow leopard Kin I snagged earlier. This babe is gorgeous omg

More info soon!

Art/design by HiddenCities 
Species by Talon and Kanraz
belongs to me
Name: Fenris Nightshade
Nicknames: Fen, Shade
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 11 feet
Species: Spinotaur
ID: Doesn't have one yet
Howl at the moon by TalonEX

Level: 1
Alignment: Not Ready
Path: None
Occupation: Unemployed
Current EXP: 000

Personality: Fenris protects those he loves and won't hesitate killing those who hurt him or his pack. After taking abuse for so long, he will not put up with it. The scar of his ripped fin reminds him every day of his terrible past, but he doesn't let it get to him. He vows to protect the werekin bloodline, even if it puts a target on his back.


Mate: WIP buuuut

Companions: Dusk by NoraRyuu
Enemies: Heh
Family: He adopted Larka's children mostly
Daryl: Kn096 by KintaurSpirit
Hikaru: Kn145 by KintaurSpirit


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I love to write stories and I hope to share some with you soon of my characters :D

Art by Mad-Izoku


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